It's Game time!

Enjoy full access to the largest library of gameplay and skill-building software in golf.

Simulation Starts Here

Golf's largest suite of software just got better.

Owning either FSX Play or FSX 2020 allows you to enjoy our ever-expanding universe of software, courses, and skill-building games. From our own worldwide collection of standard and premium courses to the exciting gameplay found inside e6, Creative Golf and GSPro, it all starts with FSX.

Get ready for a brand-new way to enjoy Foresight Sports’ ever-expanding gaming universe.

Foresight Core Platforms & Apps

From amateur to professional, from in-depth performance analysis to laid-back fun, our core platforms and apps deliver everything you’re looking for.

FSX Play

  • Our Newest Gameplay Platform
  • Hyper-Realistic Graphics via Unity Engine
  • Now Includes 25 Free Courses
  • PC-based Installation Required
  • Internet Required
  • FSX 2020

  • Our Original (Legacy) Platform
  • Includes 10 Free Courses
  • PC-based Installation Required
  • Offline Gameplay (via Dongle) Available
  • Foresight App

  • The Ultimate Foresight User App for Mobile!
  • Complete Shot Data via Bluetooth
  • Exclusive Product Promotions & Offers
  • Easily Submit Support Requests
  • Available for both iOS & Android
  • FSX Pro

  • Comprehensive Analysis Software
  • Designed for Fitting, Coaching & Practice
  • Detailed Performance Analysis Reporting
  • Both PC and Tablet-based Installation Available
  • Foresight Fairgrounds

  • Skill-Building Fun for the Entire Family
  • Multi-Game Action including Shooting Gallery, Balloon Pop, and Putt Skee
  • Intergrated Software

    We offer the largest library of integrated software add-ons for use with our launch monitors. Play your way with our amazing third party options. E6 Connect, Creative Golf, Swing Catalyst, GS Pro and Awesome Golf!

    GS Pro

    • Golf’s Fastest-Growing Community-Driven Simulation Software
    • Includes 350+ Course Library
    • PC-based Installation Required

    Awesome Golf

    • Skill-Building Games
    • Perfect for All Ages & Skill Levels
    • Designed for iPad
    • Both PC and Mobile-based Installations Available

    Creative Golf

    • Skill-building games including mini-golf and glass-smash challenges.
    • Compete in a global tournaments against players around the world.

    E6 Connect

    • Stunning graphics, a library of world-renowned courses, and a growing network of engaged golf enthusiasts.
    • 27 golf courses: Including Aviara, Pinehurst No. 8, Pelican Hill, and more.

    Swing Catalyst

    • The #1 golf video analysis software on the market.
    • Comprehensive and powerful, praised by coaches and players around the world for its user-friendliness.